A dream, a reality...

When preparing a movie, the only wish of your team is to be able to expect the unexpected. This is why we work we experienced people who know the worlds of movies and television so that your project may be completed.

Aisha Productions is THE choice to help you find shooting locations that will take your breath away while respecting your budget.

We bring to you over 10 years of experience in television and movies along with over 5 years in the marketing and promotional sector.

While visiting our website you will discover not only our extended expertise, but also the reasons that will help you make your decision.

Why Gatineau ?

The incentives put in place by the city of Gatineau make this one of the most interesting location to shoot across North America. Location costs are low and possibilities are endless.


First grade equipement is available in Gatineau. We have deals in place for HD editing suites and screening rooms for HD, 35mm, 16mm and DVD.


Gatineau is filled with talent. We have the equipment, we have the technicians and we also have qualified actors to help you with your project.

Available Services

We offer a wide variety of services, such as the following partial list :

- Script Breakdown
- Production Budget
- Shooting Locations
- Production Offices
- Qualified Technicians
- Work Permits and Visas
- Bank Accounts
- Insurances
- Equipment
- Screening Rooms
- Tax Credits
- Aerial Shots
- Stunment
- And much, much more...

This is just a small list of what we can offer you. You only need to ask!