Projects In Development
The Hero

Jonathan is ready to do anything to make the movie happen. But if Alec is a real hero, Jonathan is far from it.


Sometimes, the solution is much simpler than anyone wants to believe.

Completed Projects - Alphabetical Order
A Fish Story

Sometimes catch and release isn't about fishing.


In Vanier, Mariane and Louis move in together in a small appartment but are they really compatible ?


Efea spreads life to the dark regions of the universe.

H5N1 : Pandemonium

Two gangster brothers kidnap a bar owner and end up hodling all the bar's patrons hostage... and the H5N1 virus.

Les Heures Blanches


A mix between video and theater.

Remembering a Teacher

Sometimes a teacher can make a lasting impression.

Rewriting your Life

Going back to school as an adult could be an experience.

Rouler vers l'autonomie

What handicapped people face every day in their lives.

The Seven Lost Senses

Ever experienced an intuitive flash about a situation? Did you act on this feeling?

Test Drive - Hyundai Genesis

Tommy Kendall, gives his impressions of the hotest new production vehicles.


An extra second could mean the difference between life and death.

A Woman's Passion

See the steps women have made in the sport of hot-air balloon.

Service Production Projects
Crossing Nirvana

A tale of lost loved ones, revenge and a deep reflection on mortality intertwined with a twist of fate.


Explore the musical universe of Mouki, a new character for young ones.

Les Tresors de la Petite-Nation

Danielle Gregoire travels with Jean-Yves Guindon around the Petite-Nation area.