I had breakfast with my friend Sam Roberts recently.

You might have a connection to Sam without really knowing it… Sam’s had a long career as a voice over talent… working for numerous networks, advertisers and radio stations to communicate their messages with his unique style, pace and inflections. Take a listen… http://www.samroberts.net/v3/home.htm. recognize the voice?

I admire Sam for a slew of reasons… he’s unyielding in his consistency when it comes to integrity, honesty, friendship, positive energy and generosity. A more solid dude you won’t find. He’s always happy. He’s human too… his golf game is a little wild and at our home course, Mt. Kisco Country Club, its safe to say that nobody makes par more creatively… or has seen more different angles of the holes themselves… than Sam Roberts.

We got together because I wanted to hear about his adventure this past summer. Sam and his family went up to Canada, where he grew up, to make a feature film. That’s right… to make a feature film. Not just any film, but a very personal story about Sam’s relationship with his Dad who passed away when Sam was a in his early twenties.

The film is called, “a fish story” and I promise, you will hear about it again.

Sam first starting writing the script 25 years ago and dreamed of making it as an homage to his Dad. Well, you know how life goes, things get in the way and you put your head down and do what you think needs to be done, and the years slip by and – well – dreams and goals sometimes take a back seat. Not for Sammy, “a fish story” is in post production right now.

Talk about long odds.

Its been an incredible journey, marked by determination. The script itself, with constant fine tuning, had been consistently recognized and awarded by judges; including “Best Screenplay” at the 2008 Moondance International Film Festival.

With some wind at his back, Sammy set out. He raised the money, found his producing partners, Michael Mosca and Francesca Visconti of Equinoxe Films in Montreal, as well as Annie Coutu and Robert Cordileone of Aisha Productions in Gatineau, Quebec. He hired his director and long time best friend from theater school 35 years ago, Matt Birman. Together they scouted locations, hired the talent, acquired the necessary permits, built the sets, found the extras… you name it, Sam and his team did it. As I said, the film is now in post-production.

I was lucky enough to see a producer’s cut two weeks ago; and I am looking forward to seeing it in a final version. With a Canadian distribution deal locked up; Sam’s next challenge is to find a distribution method here in the States. Not easy, but something tells me that after all he has accomplished so far, this task will just be something else he knocks down in time.

I’m rooting for Sam big time and if I can help him, I will. Keep your eyes and ears open for the premiere of “a fish story” at your local multiplex big screen, on a linear television network or pay per view, maybe on your computer! I can promise you, you will hear about this movie again; and if you are smart enough to see it, will walk away feeling inspired by the story Sam tells… and Sam’s personal story of achievement as well.

Source : Pure Balleehoo

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