A Fish Story

Nick Stern, a loving father and devoted husband is driving north to keep his promise of finishing the building of his wilderness fishing cabin on Loon Lake. Suddenly, Eddie Wilkins, a fugitive on the run, dashes across the road. Nick swerves and crashes. Eddie tries to help but runs when the sheriff, Hal Payton, arrives. After radioing for help, Hal decides to go after Eddie himself. Nick dies alone.

As final as death is for the living, for the dead it is sometimes just the beginning. Nick can't 'let go'. The pain his death has brought to his family is preventing him from 'moving on'.

Three months pass before the family gets together at the cabin for the first time since their father's death. Meanwhile, Eddie has returned for some unfinished business and Hal is hot on his trail.

The next morning, in a stolen boat, Eddie is back on the run. Only this time, it is he who crashes.

Somewhere in that place between life and death, Nick spirit saves Eddie's soul. In return, Eddie gives Nick his body. The kids arrive to save the man on the shoreline not knowing that he's really their father in the body of a wanted man.

Eddie/Nick's presence over the next few days has a wonderful effect on the family. The more time he spends with them, the more trusting of him they all become. As Hal closes in, Eddie/Nick knows his time is up. He finally understands that they all must 'let go' in order to be free.

Cast and Crew
Eddie McClintock
Jayne Heitmeyer
Jordyn Negri
Jamie Spilchuk
Steven Yaffe
Patrick Collins
Sam Roberts
Angela Asher
Carl Marotte
E.J. Carroll
Lori Hallier
Timothy Webber
Rob Burns
Paskale Leblond-Champagne
Dwayne McLean
Claude Huard

Robert Cordileone
Annie Coutu
Michael Mosca
Page Ostrow
Gianna Palminteri
Sam Roberts
Franca Visconti

Mario Janelle

Sylvain lebel

Paola Ridolfi

Brenda Mahon

Suzana Fischer

Larysa Chernienko
Elbina Oulmacheva
Gabriela Prieto

Martin Couture
Ben Dionne
Guy Langlois

Robert Cordielone
Nikki Mosca
Neesha Patki
Blair Roth

Lawrence Callender
Maria Chechendaieva
Patrick Cunningham
Mauricio Ortiz

Pierre-Jules Audet
Nicolas Dallaire
Bertrand Duranleau
Frederic Edawrds
Natalie Fleurant
Nicolas Gagnon
Hans Laitres
Fanny Dubois Nguyen
Jean-Francois Sauve
Jean-Philippe St-Laurent

Mark Ahee
Ben Borean

Nathalie Cyr
Maxime Ducharme
Jeremie Lodomez

Matt Birman
Mike Chute
Felix Famelart
Angelica Lisk-Hann
Daryl Patchett

Francois Archambault
Michel Bernier
Stephane Boisvert
Daniel Chretien Jr.
Carla Clarke
Dan Goyens
Alexandre Lampons
Brad MacLean
Denis-Noel Mastert
Geoffroy St-Hilaire
Isabelle Tessier
J.F. Tousignant
Jean-Francois Tousignant

Mike Migliara

Bruno Rosato

Guy Cloutier
Karine Dashney

Maxime Lahaie-Denis
Marc Lussier
Arthur Montreuil

Shamso Bihi
Steven Cecere
Yvan Tessier

Jacques Gedeon
R. Emerson John
Jean-Patrick Joseph
Paskale Leblond-Champagne
Angelica Lisk-Hann
Daniel Lord
Gino Visconti
Bob Gordon
Funeral Director
Funeral Attendant
Mr. Henderson
Bar Client

Co-Executive Producer
Associate Producer



Production Design

Art Direction

Costume Design

Key Makeup Artist
Assistant Makeup Artist
Assistant Makeup Artist

Unit Manager
Assistant Unit Manager
Post-Production Supervisor

Third Assistant Director
Second Assistant Director
First Assistant Director
First Assistant Director

Graphic Designer
Clearances Director
Storyboard Artist
Set Designer

Sound Effects Editor
ADR Recording
Foley Assistant
Sound Recordist
ADR Supervisor
Foley Artist
Sound Re-recording Mixer
Assistant Sound Editor
Sound Deisgner
Dialogue Editor

Special Effects Supervisor
Special Effects Technician

Digital Effects Coordinator
Matchmove Artist
Digital Compositor

Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Double : Sam Roberts
Stunt Double
Assistant to Stunt Coordinator
Stunt Double : Eddie

Camera Operator
First Assistant Camera
Generator Operator : Set
Best Boy Electric
First Camera Assistant "A" Camera
Lighting Technician
Camera Trainee
Dolly Grip
Cmaera Operator / Steadicam
Camera and Steadicam Operator
Camera Loader
Second Assistant Camera
"A" Camera Second Assistant

Casting Director :
Ottawa and Montreal
Casting Director :
Montreal and Ottawa

Wardrobe Supervisor
Wardrobe Assistant

First Assistant Editor
Digital Intermediate Colorist
Film Color Timer

Driver : Cast
Office Runner
Unit Driver

Location Manager
Script Supervisor
Special Equipment Supplier
Production Assistant
Assistant to Mr. Birman
Post Production Coordinator
Third Assistant Director
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