This third installment of movies-to-watch-for is about “a fish story”. This wonderful tale describes how a family’s love overcomes all obstacles, even death. The movie explores the family dynamics between siblings, husband and wife, parents and children, and how each relationship is tested by grief, loss, and reconciliation.

I walked into the screening about 10 minutes into the film, without knowing what I was watching. I attempted to watch each film at IFFF without bias. In other words, I went into each screening without reading any of the synopses or any other available information. But, usually, I was at least equipped with the title of the film. “a fish story” was the exception.

Being titled “a fish story”, I thought I’d be sitting through some tall tales told by fishermen. And notice, I said men. Not that women fishing is unheard of. I, myself, happen to enjoy catch-and-release fly fishing. But the age-old art of telling tall tales seems to fall to groups of men, usually quite inebriated. But I digress.

I sat down in the front row, because the theater was packed, and was pleasantly surprised to be immediately enthralled. I had to ask my friend sitting next to me what we were watching because I was completely flummoxed by the substance of the movie and the catalogue of titles I had running through my head. I didn’t understand the allusion til further into the film (likely because I’d missed some of the beginning).

My favorite character was Charlie. This young actress plays her character very convincingly. And on the whole, the tension between the characters was well developed without being overwrought or overly dramatic. The emotion and passion behind the story was palpable. The heart behind the story became even more evident during the Q&A session after the screening, when Sam Roberts (the writer), Matt Birman (the director), and Eddie McClintock (0ne of the starring actors) choked up when answering questions about the origins of this screenplay.

I can’t wait til “a fish story” is in wide release! In the meantime, you can keep up-to-date by visiting their FB page or their website.

Source : Nomadic Bard

Some fun facts:

  • Mr. Roberts (the writer) and Mr. Birman (the director) are best friends. Mr. Roberts said he couldn�t imagine anyone else, other than his best friend, making the movie.

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